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Fully customized one, two, three or four-digit tattoos for entire teams of skaters for the entire season. These can include a team or a sponsor logo above the number. These tattoos are to be ordered for entire rosters of derby skaters, whether that's a team with a roster with all numbers associated with that team or a league with the roster of numbers associated with all players by team for that entire league. Team pricing is shown. For league pricing, please contact us and send league details (number of teams and number of skaters).

These tats also have a white outline around the edge of the number to make the numbers "pop" on skaters with darker skin tones and on skaters with permanent "sleeve tattoos". This product requires a three week turn around time. The price includes 20 BOUT TATS for each skater. The pack lasts for 10 bouts.

  • BOUT TATS are clean crisp and clear
  • BOUT TATS # tats can be used all weekend and then removed
  • Permanent markers stay on too long during the work week 
  • Permanent markers are too hard to read and have to be re-applied 
  • Arm Band-Numbers are itchy and smelly
  • Arm Band-Numbers don't stay in place
  • Make Your Mark with BOUT TATS !